Just finding shares of ETH and getting rewarded in XMR

Pool: Moneroocean.stream

Port: 11024

Miner: Phoenix Miner 5.5c

GPU: 1 Nvidia GTX 1660 Super

So, I’m not a tech-savvy guy. I can follow instructions and get things to work. Sometimes all we need is that little bit of code or a clear explanation.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know how to use your graphics card(GPU) to mine Ethereum, or your processor (CPU) to mine Monero (XMR). I’ll skip all that because there are a million topics covering simple mining. This article assumes you already have a Monero Wallet of some kind (NOT AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS). If you don’t…

Measure Twice, Cut Once

I bet you never thought your shop class teacher would be the one to drop huge pearls of wisdom in your direction, but if you were paying attention, you at least heard the phrase. Many of these seemingly insignificant words have such a deeper meaning the more you dwell upon them. You may have thought he simply didn't want you to waste extra wood making that end table that would eventually end up collecting dust in your parents' basement. What he was trying to teach you is that raw materials like wood are finite, and once altered they are difficult…

I like the sound that mornings make, when nothing else is yet awake.

There is something beautiful about the dawn. The world around us comes slowly into view, out of darkness, for us to behold. The lonely bird outside, beginning to chirp softly. Calm. Serene. In my own morning peacetime, a quiet cup of coffee whispers gently to my soul. Moments like this are perfect for reflecting on personal experiences, goals, and aspirations. Wake up, and make a plan. Set goals. Get motivated!

The dawn of Light surrounds me in a silent, warm embrace.

The sunrise is a rebirth; everything…

Rich Fowler

Just a guy who writes things.

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